23-24 Student Leadership 

Co-Presidents: Alexis Allphin, Maya Little
Co-Managers: Marissa Gooden, Ana Soto
Troup Co-Leaders: Adrian Thaiss, Cordy Powers
Social Media Manager: Bella Caffee



Student Officer Specific Duties



  1. Facilitate weekly leadership meeting

  2. Assist and guide the other leadership members with their responsibilities

  3. Prepare an agenda and facilitate each monthly leadership planning meeting

  4. Attend booster board meetings as a liaison between the parents and students.

  5. Attend the Presidents Round-Table Discussion held during identified AO’s in the Media Center by Pope HS principal.

  6. Coordinate the election for the upcoming year.


  • Must be a rising senior

  • Must have been involved in a minimum of 3 Pope Drama productions

  • Must be able to attend required meetings

  • Must have been a member of Drama Club for a minimum of 2 years


Useful Skills:

  • Comfortable leading peers

  • Good at communicating and collaborating with adults

  • Delegation Skills

  • Positive Attitude

  • Encouraging and Driven

Social Media Manager 

  1. 7th Voting Member of Leadership/Tie Breaker Vote

  2. Organize a system for advertisie

    1. Advertise auditions on social media

    2. Update social media accounts including Twitter and Instagram with information on theatre activities, auditions, and show dates/times weekly.

    3. Must be in communication with the directors of all mainstage shows in order to advertise where need-be

  3. Assist President, Troupe Leader, and Manager as needed

  4. Be well acquainted with the roles of the other positions and be ready to fill in if need be


  • Rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior (Aimed at sophomores to help transition into leadership)

  • Must be a member of Drama Club


Useful Skills:

  • Versatile and flexible

  • Good at editing photos

  • Good at creating a visually appealing social media presence

  • Artistically or Aesthetically driven

  • Timely and Focused (Meets Due Dates)

  • Able to bring new ideas to the table


Troupe Leader

  1. Organize Thespian Points noting when a student qualifies to be inducted

  2. Run the TOTSKCE campaign and work with the other members of leadership to involve members of the club in this campaign. Start planning this by September.

  3. Maintain and update the Honor Troupe Portfolio, including gathering and assembling proof of ALL Drama Club activities for the year. This portfolio gains recognition for our troupe at ThesCon.

  4. Be in close contact with Parent Board Member facilitating ThesCon and Pawscars as the liaison for all thespians and their relative point values.

  5. Must be able to meet timelines and deadlines for point submission due dates.

  6. Must be able to attend LeadCon 1 (September) and LeadCon 2 (January).


  • Must have been an Inducted Thespian for at least a year

  • Must have attended ThesCon at least once

  • Must be well organized and available to meet identified deadlines and timelines for point submission collection for due dates in preparation for Thescon and Pawscars

  • Rising Junior or Rising Senior


Useful Skills:

  • Good at communicating with adults

  • Organized, Independent, and Self-motivated

  • Works well with others

  • Friendly and Approachable

  • Good at responding to emails and texts



  1. Take minutes at monthly meetings and promptly send them to other members of leadership and faculty sponsor.

  2. Send weekly reminds to Drama Club members outlining what workshops are planned as well as any important upcoming events.

  3. Watch the Calendar and note what important events need to be accounted for at the monthly meeting.

  4. Take attendance at Drama Club.

  5. Create a calendar for leadership’s events.


  • Rising Junior or Senior

  • Must be a member of Drama Club


Useful Skills:

  • Communication Skills

  • Organized

  • Consistently reachable via text or email.

  • Prompt and Efficient