Synopsis: Roxanne is smitten by the superficial charms of a handsome young soldier, Christian, who is new to Paris. When she tells her three friends of her "love" for this dashing fellow, they are eager to give advice on the budding romance. Roxanne is oblivious to the love Cyrano feels for her. While they have been close friends since childhood, she has never considered him in a romantic way. Cyrano and his rival Christian form a strange alliance in order to win Roxanne's heart. Even as their guard unit fights the Spanish attacks, Cyrano tries to protect Christian and write his love letters for him. But who is the real man of Roxanne’s dreams, and will her hasty decision to marry provide a happy ending?


Character List


CHRYSTELE: A friend of Roxanne's. She is silly, shallow, and full of romantic notions about love that have little basis in reality. She dresses fashionably and extravagantly. Her hair is perpetually neat and attractive.


DANIELLE: A friend of Roxanne's. She is somewhat of a tomboy, and would like to live a life of adventure. She wishes that women had the same freedoms as men. She dresses more casually.


RIGITTE: A friend of Roxanne's who is extremely serious. She is a realist who takes nothing for granted and is, in no way, given to flights of fancy. She dresses fashionably, but not extravagantly.


ROXANNE: A beautiful young woman who is known for her compassion, but has some rather unrealistic notions about love and romance. Like Chrystele, she dresses well, with attention to detail, but she wears her hair loose and flowing.


CYRANO DE BERGERAC: Intelligent, bold, daring, funny, and athletic. He is all that a man should be except for the fact that he has an enormous nose, one that is impossible to ignore.


MONTFLEURY: A poor actor who over-dramatizes his roles.


VISCOUNT DE VALVERT: Villain of the play; a handsome man who has an eye on Roxanne.


LE BRET: A close friend of Cyrano's, a confidante who can be counted on to provide support and a listening ear.




BAKER: She's amazed at Cyrano's nose.


COUNT DE GUICHE: A powerful man with a great deal of influence. He is a mentor and father-figure to Valvert.


CARBON: A cadet of Cyrano's.


PIERRE: A cadet of Cyrano's.


CHRISTIAN DE NEUVILLETTE: A wealthy, handsome man with whom Roxanne becomes enamored. He is not a particularly intelligent person.


ASSASSINS: Optional. Five masked assassins.


YOUNG BOY: A young messenger.




Audition date: Aug. 12, 3:45p - 6:00p

1 dramatic monologue and 1 comedic monologue; Total audition should be 2 minutes or less


Callbacks: Aug. 13, 3:45p - 6:00p


Rehearsals: Aug 14 – Oct 3 – M, T, W, 3:45p-6:30p


Tech Rehearsals: Oct 7 – Oct 14, 3:30p-9p


Performances: Oct. 15-18


Region Competition: Oct. 19 (all day)


State One Act Competition (if we win region): Nov. 16 @ Cambridge


Fees: TBD, Due Aug. 19


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