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Audition Information 

We will provide monologues for you to pick from (below), or you can prepare your own short scary monologue. Please pick the monologue you think will align best with the character you are auditioning for. No audition should last longer than 2 minutes.




People have gathered around campfires for centuries to share food and stories.  Campfires are a place of community and comfort, but sometimes those stories come to life and wander the woods beyond. Leave the safety of the fire – at your own risk. You never know who you’ll find.


Cast of Characters

Bailey a cheery person who works at the campground


Jesse a gruff survivalist who lives on the campgrounds


Rumpelstiltskin A well-known folk tale character, Rumpelstiltskin is a short, riddling man with a hunchback and a knack for foreshadowing.


Jack-‘o-lantern man so infamous in life the devil rejects him from hell


Banshee a symbol of doom; her wails are spine-chilling, and warn you of the death of a loved one.


Ashinaga & Tenaga  Tenaga, who has freakishly long arms, rides on the back of Ashinaga, who has freakishly long legs. Don’t let them find you in the woods.


Wee folk mischievous beings that live in the fairy mounds of Ireland, with a gift for distorting time and causing madness


La Llorona A weeping mother who mourns her children


Tailypo a large beast who towers over the innocent, seeks revenge in taking back what is his


The Eumenides, also known as The Furies, will do anything to find justice


Jean de Bort, also known as Red Eyes, is a bandit who terrorizes the French village where Colette lives.


Colette An innocent child in the presence of evil; she is clever and vigilant


Baba Yaga a mysterious witch who lives in a house with chicken wings; She may help you or she may eat you.


Bloody Mary a spirit trapped in a mirror; short-tempered; clever; manipulative


Fees: Actors - $110; Tech - $85, Due Aug. 25