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Audition Information 

Please prepare two of the monologues provided below the cast of characters.



Wilber, a pig, is born on Arable’s farm and befriends Fern, a girl, and Charlotte, an older spider. As Wilbur grows, he learns the horrible fate of a pig on a farm. Charlotte and the other farm animals fight to save Wilbur from slaughter.


Cast of Characters


Charlotte a smart, humble, and generous friend with maternal instincts, a spider, old and wise


Wilbur a positive, naïve, and non-judgmental runt that just wants to make some friends, pig,



Fern Arable a confident and determined little girl with an imagination and ability to understand

those who aren't normally heard, young


John Arable Fern’s dad, a commercial farmer that sells all the animals he produces


Martha Arable Fern’s mother, she is southern belle, who only wants what's best for her kids


Avery Fern’s younger brother, he has a ferocious and silly attitude, the stereotypical snotty little brother


Homer Fern’s Uncle, he is willingly to take a chance on Fern raising Wilbur


Edith Homer's Wife, Fern’s Aunt, witty farmer’s wife


Templeton a greedy, self-centered rat, who SWEARS he doesn't care about anyone but himself


Charlotte a smart, humble, and generous friend with maternal instincts, a spider


Narrator 1&2 two animated and fun people


Goose a mother goose, and a spunky wife who controls her hubby gander


Uncle- a wannabe know-it-all who is ran by his wife goose/a lazy, fat, confident, and wise pig


Sheep - a sheep


Lamb - a lamb


Ensemble (4)

- Spiders

- Lurvy

- Announcer

- Fairgoers

- Spectators


Audition Monologues


Wilbur (male or female) (unaware of the writing in the web) What did he see? There's

nothing here but me. (feels his fat belly) That's it He saw me! He saw that I'm big and

healthy and..and ready to be made into ham. They're coming out here right now with

guns and knives. I just know it. What can I do? Wait! That fence that Lurvy patched up.

Maybe it's loose again. I have to get out. I have no choice. It's either freedom or the

frying pan. But, first, a little sustenance (He drinks from the bucket) Now, I'm ready. I'm

breaking out of this prison. They'll never take me alive! What am I saying? I've got to get

out of here. Chaaarrge! (He runs off)


Charlotte (Female): What to do. What to do. I promised to save his life, and I am

determined to keep that promise. But how? Wait a minute. The way to save Wilbur is to

play a trick on Zuckerman. If I can fool a bug, I can surely fool a man. People are not as

smart as bugs. Of course. That’s it. This will not be easy, but it must be done. First, I tear

a section out of the web and leave an open space in the middle. Now, I shall weave new

threads to take the place of the ones I removed. Swing spinnerets Let out the thread The

longer it gets The better it’s read The message is spun I’ve come to the end The job that

I’ve done Is all for my friend.


Fern (female): Where's Papa going with the ax? I really don't see why he needs an ax. What do you mean father is going to do away with the runt pig? You mean he is going to kill just because it is small? I’ve got to stop him. This is a matter of life and death, and I will not control myself. (yelling) Papa you can't kill the pig just because it's smaller than the others. (pleading) Papa, please don't kill it. It's unfair. The pig couldn't help being born small, could? If I were born small would you have killed me? This is the most terrible case of injustice I ever heard of!


Templeton (male): So, this is our new resident. That's right. Relax and enjoy

Yourself - while you can. Oh, yes. They'll treat you very well. And fatten you up very nicely.

Then suddenly one day you wake up and - (He makes a slitting sign across his neck with

his finger.) -it's all over. Oh well, I will admit it’s nice to have a pig around the place again.

That means leftover slops for me. I’m sure you'll find it in your charitable little hear to

share your food with dear old Templeton right?


Homer (male): Dirt, spider Webs. That pig oughta feel right at home in this barn. Patch

that fence up real good Lurvy. We don’t want the pig to get out of the barnyard? I’d better

slide this door back so he can’t get in there where the cows are either. I still can’t believe

we’re going to have a new pig around here. But Fern seemed so desperate to find a

home for it, I just couldn't say no. Anyway, it won’t be long till that pig’s big enough to kill

and eat.


Narrator (male or female): Charlotte summoned all her strength and waved to Wilbur.

She went back to her web and wrapped herself in it. And never moved again. Next day,

as the Ferris wheel was being taken apart and the racehorses were being loaded into

their vans and the entertainers were packing up their belongings and driving away in

their trailers, Charlotte died. The Fair Grounds were soon deserted. The sheds and

buildings were empty and forlorn. The fields were littered with bottles and trash. Of the

hundreds of people that had visited the Fair, nobody knew that a gray spider had played

the most important part of all.