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Technical Director

Pope High School (Marietta, GA) is looking for less than part-time Theater Technical Director.

This person will work closely with the Theatre Department and is paid by the Pope Theater Booster Club.


The responsibilities of the Theater Technical Director include but are not limited to:

  • Making sure safety protocols, rules, regulations and are in place

  • Providing technical support for the fall one act, student directed one act, and spring musical

    • Organize & lead set builds and strikes using students/parent volunteers

    • Lead light hang and contribute to lighting design

    • Assist with setting up wireless mics

  • Attending production meetings

  • Making technical choices in keeping with show budget



  • Experience in sound boards, lighting, and set construction a must

  • Experience working with students a plus (not necessarily in a school setting)

  • Ability to stay organized, be available when needed and work collaboratively with show directors

This position provides a $1800 per-show stipend, but the department prefers to have one person tech all three shows. 

General Schedule (more details on calendar below)

One Act - August to October

Student Directed One Act - November to Mid-December

Musical - Audition & 1st rehearsal in December; January to Mid-March

Find show calendar here:

For more information or to apply, email

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