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Live, In-Person Performances

  • Dec 3 @ 7pm

  • Oct 4 @ 2pm, 7pm


Ten year-old Winnie Foster will have to choose whether she wants to live an everlasting adventure or a life full of the ordinary beauty of growth and change.

Cast of Characters

Winnie Foster: Curious 10 year old girl, who longs for adventure.

Jesse Tuck: 17 year old boy, eternally youthful. Brother of Miles, son of Mae and Angus.

Miles Tuck: Mid-20s, lives with constant regret and hurt by his past. Brother of Jesse, son of Mae and Angus.

Mae Tuck: 40s, maternal figure of the show. Mother of Jesse and Miles, wife to Angus.

Angus Tuck: 50s, father of Jesse and Miles, husband to Mae. Believes in the natural cycle of life.

Stranger in Yellow Suit: Sly and villainous character, wants to profit off of the spring of eternal youth.

Constable: Seemingly a buffoon, acts as a "police" of sorts.

Granny Foster: 60s, grandmother of Winnie. Restrictive and protective of Winnie.

Woodland Sprites: Narrators of the story. Whimsical and magical.

Each student who participates in Pope Drama productions must be a member of Pope Drama Club. You may join the club after you are cast/assigned a crew part. Please double check the dates. Your cast and crew are counting on your faithful attendance at rehearsals and performances.


Auditions: October 6, 2021, 4p-7p


Rehearsals: November 1 - November 20 on Mondays - Thursdays, 3:45pm-5:45pm and November 13 & 20 from 10a-4p


Tech Rehearsals: November 29- December 2 4:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Performances: December 3-4

Strike: December 5, 2021

Fees: Actors - $140; Tech - $75, Due November 4


Student Directed Interest Form - fill this out to audition and to sign up for crew


Tickets available November 15, 2021 - Adults $12, Student $6

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