Upcoming Dates:

8/6 Audition Workshop - Zoom

8/11 One Act Auditions - Pope Theater

8/13 One Act Callbacks - Pope Theater

Everything You Need to Know About One Act


Olivia is a smart, driven high school student at the top of her class. Everyone loves her, including her boyfriend, Donny. Well, almost everyone, but what could one hater matter?

Character List

Olivia – teenage girl, straight-edge, smart, a leader

Iggy – teenage girl, clever, chaotic evil

Cici – teenage girl, flirtatious, a romantic, fun-loving

Raelyn – teenage girl, single-minded, more money than sense

Donavan – teenage boy, Innocent, big-hearted, truly kind

Leo – teenage boy, worldly, pragmatic, straight-forward

Brayden – teenage boy, lazy, goes with the crowd

Grace – teenage girl, thoughtful, supportive

Lucy – a high school principal

Bianca – a high school counselor

Internet Comment Posters (4) – righteous, powerful, vicious

Will rehearsals be in person?

Yes. We will wear masks and social distance. Only students who are needed for the rehearsal will be called and no one else will be allowed at rehearsals.

What precautions are being take to protect students and staff? 

We are following the GHSA guidelines which include temperature checks at check-in at each rehearsal, personal water bottles, no sharing of food/drinks, props sanitized after rehearsal, just to name a few.

Will performances be in person? 

At this time we expect to record the performance “live” and then offer streaming tickets to parents, families, etc.

Are we going to One Act competition? Yes. At this time GHSA is going forward with One Act competition.  We don’t know exactly what that will look like, but we are participating.

What will I need to prepare for audition?

Two memorized one minute monolgues from contemporary texts - one dramatic, one comedic

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