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Live, In-Person Performances

  • Oct 22 @ 7pm

  • Oct 23 @ 2pm, 7pm



Kyle MacManus has invested millions in a high-tech work of art -- fifteen human-figure sculptures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues, and more. But just when Kyle is about to sell the sculpture, it malfunctions; the figures are alive. As each one struggles to achieve autonomy, they begin a fatal race against their desperate owner's destructive plan.

Kyle       Dawson Foreman
Mike     Aleks Kozlovski
Rudy     Alex Lopez
Gladys  Sofia Hargis
Leeza    Zoe Northcutt
Brent    Nathan Collar

The Sculpture
Alexis Allphin
Kailey Breland
Annalia Clifton
Ellie Davenport
Margaux Doerr
Marissa Gooden
Megan Gooden
Annabelle Kane
Amy Kokan
Maya Little
Santana M-Cardenas
Mo Mosley
Lila Savu
Mary Wahn

Asst. Director Jordan Gettys
Stage Manager Deborah Demoura
Asst. Stage Manager Sophie Dukes

Production Assistant Cordy Powers
Costume Designer Natalie Mayfield
Hair/Make-up Designer Sophie Dukes
Light Board Operator Michael Schneider
Sound Designer Gwen Wetekamp
Sound Board Operator Emma Ragan
Sound Assistant Noah Phillips
Prop Manager Laurel McFarland
Run Crew Mark He
Run Crew Jacob  Hembree
Run Crew Sarah Keller

Cast of Characters

Kyle McManus - gallery owner who needs to sell a sculpture

Randy Pushtin - son of Gladys Pushtin; advising in purchase of sculpture

Gladys Pushtin - wealthy client; considering purchase of sculpture

Mike Pushtin - son of Gladys Pushtin

Brent - repair person who wants to get to lunch

Leeza - repair person with a heart

14-Figure Sculpture

Each student who participates in Pope Theater productions must be a member of Pope Drama Club. You may join the club after you are cast/assigned a crew part (if you aren't already a member).

Please double check the dates for the production. Your cast and crew are counting on your faithful attendance at rehearsals and performances.

Audition WS (not required): July 26 @ 4:00pm

Audition date: Aug. 3, 2021, 4:00p -7:30p

     1 dramatic monologue and 1 SHORT song; Total audition should be 2 minutes or less


Callbacks: Aug. 5, 2020, 4:00p - 7:30p

Rehearsals: Aug 9 – Oct 14 – Rehearsals, M, T, TH


Tech Rehearsals: Oct 17 – Oct 21


Performances: Oct. 22, 23

Region Competition: Oct. 30 (all day)

State One Act Competition (if we win region): Nov. 13

Thescon Performance (if we are accepted): Feb. 3-5

Fees: Actors - $175; Tech - $90, Due Aug. 12

Script: You can read most of the script for free here: 

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