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In Tuscumbia, Alabama, an illness renders infant Helen Keller blind, deaf, and consequently mute. Pitied and badly spoiled by her parents, by the age of six the undisciplined Helen grows into a wild, angry, tantrum-throwing child in control of the household. Desperate, the Kellers hire Annie Sullivan to serve as governess and teacher for their daughter. 

Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

Amy Kokan - Doctor

Ellie Davenport - Kate Keller

Aleks Kozlovski - Captain Keller 

Lila Savu - Helen Keller

Alexis Allphin - Martha

Jacob Hembree - Percy

Maya Little - Aunt Ev

Adrian Thaiss - James Keller

Jacob Hembree - Anagnos

Laurel McFarland - Annie Sullivan

One Act Commitment Form

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