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Haunted Theater Commitment Form


Come with us as the local town conspiracy theorist leads you through a graveyard writhing with a myriad of vintage characters all whilst uncovering the secrets of the graveyard along the way.

Cast of Characters

Ollie – Your favorite friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist. This spirited long-time resident is hellbent on getting everyone to believe his conspiracies by any means necessary.

The Zombies – The first true scares of the night, and a classic start to the horrors. Working as a pack, they moan, groan, grab, and crawl towards the guide and audience in tow in an attempt to eat their brains.

The Puppet – A playful, cheeky, and generally very rude puppet, who seems to delight in nothing more than insulting the guide and audience.

The Puppeteer – A rather polite and cheery, but increasingly tired controller of the puppet.

The Werewolf – A classic, beastly horror

Seymour – Nervous and caring, Seymour is a plant genius who has trouble putting his foot down.

Audrey II – A sassy, demanding killer plant with impressive intonation that badgers Seymour for blood.

Guide Two – A mysterious graveyard employee who seems to know more than they should. 

Automaton – A child-like humanoid robot that was designed to write and draw that has since been decommissioned.

The Three Weird Sisters – Unsettling, eccentric, and prophetic, the Weird Sisters sit in their forest around their cauldron and give prophecies to any individual who happens to come upon them. Be warned, these sisters’ prophecies can be very cryptic and misleading.

Dr. Frankenstein – The epitome of an energetic mad scientist, very egotistical and wanting to show their creation of LIFE to the world.

Frankenstein’s Creature – A newly born and surprisingly eloquent creature created by Dr. Frankenstein’s hand.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde – Two souls in the same body, Dr. Jekyll is an upstanding member of society, the “good” in every person, whereas Mr. Hyde is a symbol of Dr. Jekyll’s darker side. 

Count Dracula – A distinguished and perceptive vampire

Audition Information

  • You may choose one of the provided monologues, or prepare one of your choice. Paper copies of the provided monologues will be available at auditions, but you are expected to be familiar with your monologue when you come into the audition. 

  • Memorization is not required, but is highly encouraged to aid your performance.

  • Please make sure any personally chosen monologues match the style of the production (i.e. horror).

  • Please also be lightly familiar with the provided monologues in case we ask you to read one in addition to your primary monologue. We understand that these monologues may not be as prepared as your primary monologue. 

  • If necessary, short monologues and sides will be provided at callbacks, along with select improv games.

  • Monologues for Auditions

Each student who participates in Pope Theater productions must be a member of Pope Drama Club. You must join before you audition or are assigned a crew position.

Please double check the dates for the production. Your cast and crew are counting on your faithful attendance at rehearsals and performances.

Audition date: August 17, 2022, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays, August 18 - October 20 (excluding fall break)

Tech Rehearsals: October 24-26


Performances: October 27-29, 2022


Strike: October 30, 2022


Fees: Actor $100, Tech $75, Due August 26, 2022

Cast and Crew Interest Form


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