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Live, In-Person Performances

  • Oct 28 - 30 @ 5pm-9pm


Welcome to Morbid Museum, a classic tourist trap that boasts the largest collection of artifacts from classic urban legends from Hannibal Lector to Michael Myers, but most impressive are their photo realistic wax figures. All seems well as a tour group begins their journey through the museum, but things quickly heat up when the wax figures start to break the mold.


Cast of Characters

Alex - a cheerful employee at the Museum who works in the Gift Shop. It’s his job to introduce the audience to the Museum and its rules.

Tammy - a tour guide for the Museum, and this is her first time actually guiding a group through the museum. She’s excited to be leading a group through the museum, but she’s young and inexperienced, so when things start to go wrong, she gets flustered and doubts herself and her ability.


Ms. Afton - a local serial killer known for marrying rich men and killing them with a deadly poison of her own invention.

Hannibal - One of the most well-known villains of all time, Hannibal Lector, boasts an insatiable appetite. Although he is still partially encased in wax and poses no real threat while immobile, his looming presence as he debates how best to cook the audience members right in front of them is enough to put anyone one off.

The Grady Twins -  These creepy twin girls, originally from the movie The Shining, stand at the end of a hallway and beckon the audience members to “come play with us”. The girls are not excessively aggressive, but their childish mannerisms and doll-like demeanors is creepy enough.


Jerome - This rugged, long time employee of the museum is ready for everything. When he finds Tammy and her group at the midway exit point, he’s authoritative and demands Tammy gets herself, and whoever else wants to leave with her, out of the museum. Of all the people there, he knows most about the museum’s truth, and because of that, he’s not afraid to make hard choices.


Michael Myers (swing) - Myers is a floater. After Tammy is out of the midway exit, he offers a brief scare and helps transition the audience to the next scene. 

Chucky - This overly-energetic doll spends his time arguing with his playmate, Annabelle. Chucky is a manchild that complains about everything and has been cursed to be stuck in a child’s doll


Annabelle - A doll given new life through the form of a demon. “She” craves only for human souls. Stuck with Chucky they spend time always arguing about how to kill their victims. 


Body Snatchers (if multiple, swing) - Aliens that take the bodies of people and pretend to be them. Once freed from the wax they stole the bodies of some Employees of the wax museum. They attempt to lure the audience to follow them. 

Blair Witch - Haunted female witch. Does not speak but will stare down her opponents and will lead their victims to their death. 


The Doctor - It is unknown who or what the Doctor is, but one thing is clear: it believes itself a savior. It’s primary goal is to cure the world of the unseen plague it calls The Pestilence. This character is based on the SCP-049.

John Kramer - As the Jigsaw killer he is an insane genius that feels the need to “test” others and show them to not take their or other’s life for granted. After being freed he deems the audience as “sinners”.

Audition Information

  • Short monologues will be provided at auditions.

  • If call backs are needed, an additional monologue will be provided and improv games may be used.

Each student who participates in Pope Drama productions must be a member of Pope Drama Club. You may join the club after you are cast/assigned a crew part.

Audition date: August 11, 2021, 4 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Rehearsals: Wednesdays, August 18 - October 22 (excluding fall break)


Tech Rehearsals: October 25-28, 2021


Performances: October 29-31, 2021


Strike: November 6, 2021


Fees: Actor $75, Tech $55, Due August 20, 2021


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