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Tickets available - Adults $11, Students $6 - BUY TICKETS NOW!

Live Performances

  • Oct 16 7pm | Oct 17 2pm, 7pm

    • Reduced seating

    • Socially distanced

    • Masked

    • Pre-sale only


On-Demand Online

  • The posting of the recording of the stage version of "Who's Zoomin' Who?" has been unavoidably delayed.  We hope to be live by October 26th.  Thank you for your patience.

Live Zoom Performance

  • Oct 23 8pm

  • ​Pre-sale only



Olivia is a smart, driven high school student at the top of her class. Everyone loves her, including her boyfriend, Donny. Well, almost everyone, but what could one hater matter?

Cast List

Olivia - Anna Borysiak

Iggy - Annalia Clifton

Cici - Megan Gooden/Emily Blackwell

Raelyn - Mary Wahn

Donavan - Alex Lopez/Dawson Foreman

Leo - Soren Tucker

Brayden - Dawson Foreman

Grace- Emily Blackwell/Sophie Dukes

Lucy - Zoe Northcutt

Bianca - Jordan Gettys

Internet Comment Posters - Amy Kokan, Ryan Smith, Natalie Allphin, Sarah Keller

Crew List

Stage Manager - Sophie Dukes

Asst. Stage Manger - Brooke Pesqueira

Production Asst. - Deborah Demoura

Costumes - Audrey Mayfield

Sound Designer - Gwen Wetekamp

Asst. Sound Designer - Anabelle Kane

Lighting Designer - Michael Schneider

Asst. Lighting Designer - Ben Blaske

Hair & Makeup Designer - Sofia Hargis

Props - Jordan Gettys

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